Always up-to-date:
Real-time analysis with PROCON II.

Tunneling 4.0 –
Up-to-date with PROCON II at all times.

Manage your tunnel with business intelligence. Individual and tailored on your requirements. With the support of state-of-the-art data technology. With a solution from the Cloud. With PROCON II, the real-time data management system of Maidl Tunnelconsultants.


Smart tunneling

PROCON II – Operational intelligence in tunneling

PROCON II is a software for the technical controlling of mechanized tunnel drives. The professional, cloud-based management system acquires, analyses and visualizes all available processes data and enables you to evaluate real-time data from everywhere. It stores your project and all relevant data for future use. The transfer of all processes in real-time enables you to control the complete project and maximize the productivity and efficiency of the shield machine


Cloud-based operating

Import Big Data to the Cloud

PROCON II uses all advantages of cloud computing. Machine and monitoring data are acquired digitally and transferred to the cloud or to your local data warehouse in real-time. Upon request, MTC will also host your data so you can reduce your IT budget and maintenance effort. The highest security standards are guaranteed.


Application of expert knowledge

Smart Data Analysis

PROCON II utilizes two decades of experience in mechanized tunneling. Our experience with more than 200 tunneling projects with various boundary conditions, machine types and driving teams is integrated within PROCON II. Actions, reactions and interactions are investigated using analytical algorithms in real-time. The foundation of this unaltered raw data combined with our scientifically recognized and practicable expert knowledge.



High Speed Data Visualization

PROCON II is based on the latest software technology. Thus, your vast process data are transformed into visual information. Take advantage of the affordable possibilities of geographical information systems (GIS) and link them to your interactive charts. With the generic chart and dashboard configurator, you can visualize all of the relevant information tailored to your specific needs and follow your project live with your web browser.



Transfer Knowledge

PROCON II employs professional knowledge management. Re-invent the data analysis in your project! Simultaneous access to all the results of your analyses will enable you to make fast and fact-based decisions. You will benefit from process analyses that are tailored to your project. Using back analysis from successfully managed projects, you will even learn from past mistakes.


Consulting during construction

Profit from MTC´s Know-How

PROCON II supplies the interface to online back office support. Maidl Tunnelconsultants supports you throughout the project and advises you on important technical and contractual decisions. We offer a complete solution - from tailored configuration to data hosting - from a single supplier. We either cover the complete project or merely troubleshoot in critical situations.


More efficiency with PROCON II

Apply PROCON II in your project and optimize your process with respect to cost and time effort.


Simple application of variance comparison.


All PROCON II data sources (machine, shift, tool, process data, etc.) are combined in the dashboard.

Claim Management

Individual, automated reports tailored on the customer for the documentation of the tunneling process.

Analysis and Insights

The analysis of downtimes and the influencing parameters in the dashboard optimizes downtimes. Insights to tool changes in the context of the existing ground parameters shortens intervention intervals.


The monitoring is accessible from everywhere with the secured login.


Customer tailored dashboards show required data precisely in context of the requirements.

Intuitive user interface

Data is linked via time, location and object, e.g. in a geographical information environment.

Learn more about PROCON II

In our PROCON II Guide, we describe all features of PROCON II. Please click on the link to get forwarded to the Guide.

Link to PROCON II Guide