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Mechanized tunneling is precision work. Only with great precision and comprehensive engineering knowledge connections can be created which fulfill the requirements of modern civil engineering projects. For these requirements you'll find the optimal partner in Maidl Tunnelconsultants. Whether special tasks in design and construction management, solutions for the calculations of support pressure or settlements or counseling with holistic tunneling projects – we provide the convenient services for all important steps of your tunneling project.


Segment design and structural analysis

Segment design by Maidl Tunnelconsultants

The precast segments represent the final tunnel structure. Whether single or double shell, the highest demands are set on the durability and safety of the lining in order to last decades. The geometrical configuration and design of the joint details finally determine the manufacture costs and the construction time and, therefore, also the construction performance and economy. We use the most modern three dimensional CAD software in order to perform a virtual verification during the design phase.


Face pressure calculations for TBM excavation

The right pressure for better performance

The following principle applies here: higher face pressures do not necessary imply a higher safety. Excessive face pressures generally hinder the construction process, increase the tool wear as well as the maintenance expenditure. We search iteratively the optimum value and we check the estimated results on the basis of the observational method according to DIN1054. The interactions between the shield machine and the ground are extremely complex. The realistic mapping of the underground conditions with numerical models faces many uncertainties due to the great number of unknown parameters. Numerical parameter studies and our extensive experience with the use of safety factors allows us to attain best compromise solutions.

Numerical settlement calculations

Minimum settlement in tunneling

The requirements for tunneling in urban areas is increasing. Sensitive buildings and infrastructures must remain damage free. In the construction of the Amsterdam North-South line only a few millimeters surface settlement are allowed. The performance of ground improvement treatments increase excessively the tunnel price per meter and turn the projects into uneconomical enterprises. We use integral models of the shield drive to simulate the effects of the tunneling process on its surroundings. The active operation parameters of tunnel boring machines are simulated as realistically as possible. The design and optimization of ground treatments can also be performed in the calculation models.


Consulting / Construction Management


The right start

Consulting during design

Basis of every successful solution is an extensive process analysis: In cooperation with our clients and with help of our data acquisition systems, our experts assess individual questions and risks of your project. From there we develop individual solutions and innovative ideas for improvement.

Successful during construction

Support during construction

Our team of experts supports you during implementation on tunnel site and online through the back office. With our experience of over 200 projects, we optimize your excavation and help solve sudden occurring problems. Gain profit here from our expertise and the technical opportunities of online support.




Our competence – your safety


As certified verifier and expert in tunneling we examine tunnel projects in detail from the process technology and from the structural stability points of view. We also offer our expertise worldwide in dispute cases and in the evaluation of technical design and cost estimation.


Process Controlling

Software development by Maidl Tunnelconsultants


Developed by MTC, PROCON II is used for the acquisition and visualization of machine and monitoring data, design parameters, geotechnical and cutter tool information as well as alarm messages and shift documentation. Our digitized know-how of more than 200 reference projects with a total number of more than 600 kilometers of tunnel advance is employed in the optimization of tunneling processes.

A comparative variance comparison, which involves all construction processes, is performed with our PROCON II software on a technical, schedule and cost basis in real time as the excavation proceeds. All relevant project information (design parameters, target and actual values) is categorized in a centralized database, where the information is registered and analyzed against a knowledge base.

The entire know-how acquired during planning, in particular geotechnical soil investigation and calculations, is opposed to the actual construction process information. Knowledge gained from this process can be provided to the people involved in the project in real time. This allows identifying critical situations and apply countermeasures in time.

For new projects we provide prognosis models for the estimation of the performance, costs and risks.

Process Controlling

Intelligent fully-automated reporting

Knowledge-based process analysis

In a real-time environment, PROCON II provides an overview regarding your current project status. An automated variance comparison with respect to costs, time and safety enables an in-time initiation of counteractions and renders your project successful. Approved by our individual expert statement.

Cooperation with Sänger GmbH

Digital Site and Process Management

The more you know about your project, the better it can be managed. Our Digital Site approach enables you to optimize your jobsite processes with minimal effort. The Internet of Things (IoT) is revolutionizing the way industrial processes are managed. Offering a complete range of IoT products, services and solutions – hardware, connectivity, data anlaytics and insights – SÄNGER's hardware and MTC's PROCON software will rapidly transform your IoT ideas into buisness value.

Process Controlling

Building Information Modeling

Interactive project management with a three-dimensional model

Digital tunnel management.

Building Information Modeling (BIM) is well-established and widely used in building construction. Recently, there are also initiatives and pilot projects to apply BIM in infrastructure projects, such as tunneling projects. MTC uses the results of these initiatives to create a holistic tunnel model consisting of the tunnel itself and the surrounding subsoil.
A holistic, BIM-based tunneling model offers many advantages. Thus, by intersecting the three-dimensional subsoil model with the excavation cross section of the tunnel, the expected excavation volume of each pending subsoil layer can be determined and compared with the actually incurred quantities in the course of the excavation. Such target/actual comparisons help to objectify billing quantities and help to avoid disputes.
The volumetric tunnel model assists in the assessment of the tunneling process. Here, for example, the thrust forces on the individual lining segments during excavation, are visualized in the 3D model and potentially overloaded segments are easily identified. This information can also be linked to a digital documentation of the segment production and damage recording. The BIM-based tunnel model thus represents an interactive documentation tool in which all information and documents stored therein can be easily identified and combined.

BIM data management
BIM Models

BIM services by Maidl Tunnelconsultants

We model you build it.

The generation of the required models depends on the planning process of the project. If the design already utilizes 3D models, then these models can be used directly for the link with TBM data or can be adapted accordingly. If planning is not initially based on a BIM concept, MTC generates the required tunnel and ground models. These two submodels are then merged into the holistic tunnel model.
Through a direct interface between the BIM model and the PROCON process controlling software, significant machine and excavation data are fed into the BIM model in the excavation phase. These are, for example, the thrust forces, advance speed, support and grout pressures or mortar volumes for each ring. From this, the above presented evaluations and documentations can be created and visualized on the project.

Claim Management

Variance comparison and root cause analysis at the push of a button in real time

We push your claim.

In highly mechanized tunneling projects, the difficult competitive environment, functional or incomplete tenders and complex interactions difficult to quantify between the construction process and the ground, often result in extremely low bids, future additional costs and contractual conflicts. Self-interested shifting of liabilities, aggressive claim management and the lack of stimulating performance fees are factors which strongly hinder the optimization of the construction process. In particular, the ground conditions provided by the client are a general point of disagreement, rendering a professional conservation of evidence indispensable

Our process controlling applications provide transparency. The collective performance of a target vs actual information comparison (collective project controlling) on all the processes, from the point of view of costs, schedule and safety in real time, allows to optimize the development of the construction process and also to clarify the distribution of risk among the project partners.


MTC Forensic Engineering


Localization and root cause analysis of failure

Considering all relevant information.

Forensic Engineering aims on the localization and the root cause analysis of failure. MTC acquires all information and data relevant to the failure event. Our expert system PROCON II analyzes the gathered information both statistically and deterministically.
For mechanized tunneling, we provide holistic Failure Mode and Effect Analyzes (FMEA) for every key process.
Once a dispute arises from failure events, we support you with evidence-based analyzes – a service highly valued by insurance companies, contractors and public clients.